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Dec 15, 2012 6:00pm PST
with us for continuing coverage. laura anthony will have live reports from connecticut beginning tomorrow and you can get updates anytime at >>> we do have breaking news out of southern california. police have one person in custody after reports of shots fired at the upscale fashion island mall in newport beach, witnesses report they heard a gunshot in the macy's parking lot. there are no reports of injuries. >>> it has been a soggy saturday. and take a look at this video shot a short time ago as the rain came down in san francisco. you can see people with their umbrellas hurrying through the rain. let's head right to leigh glaser with a check on the weather. >> leigh: it has been wet, especially the north bay and downright cold. highs in the upper 40s. here's a live look from live doppler 7hdy you can see the moisture starting to evaporate. we had some earlier moderate rain in the north bay, but you can see as this cold front slides south, things just start to fall apart a little bit. petaluma, a little light rain. some in hayward, fremont, and moderate rain between morgan
Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
trip. the friend told us how he struggled to try to save them as they tried to reach shore in the frigid waters. the family has gathered to grieve and say a rosary for juan and his son, one -- juan carlos. he describes it in his native spanish how juan screamed out, my son, my son, and dove into the water to save the boy. he told us how giant wave after wave washed over him and tried to find a way to save him. he tried a fishing rod and line which he managed to get to the pair. the line snapped. he had no other choice, ran up the hill to call 9-1-1. the rescue boat plucked the pair from the water. the gray blanket is covering the bodies of the father and son who died of drowning. sister age couldn't blend what happened. >> they went fishing and the big wave come and take them. it's horrible. reporter: she says the family recently lost all they had in a fire in a house fire. the family was trying to raise enough money to bury father and son anywhere native mexico city. there's been a bank account sent up at a wells fargo bank to try to help the family bury the father and son
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm PST
. she was in the car last night. so i'm thanking god none of us got killed sitting in the car. we were sitting in the car last night. >> she says her car broke down and had to be forward that curb while she waited for a mechanic to fix it. now she doesn't know who will be responsible when she files the insurance claim, the gas station or perhaps the city. a public worker who has here earlier says he believes the canopy hit the branch and that caused it. these going to have to be sorted out. in the meantime, the city is going to come here and brace this even further, what's left of this, to preventfully other problems before the metal canopy here is eventually removed. live in san francisco. abc-7 news. >> ama: the weather is causing problems for people heading into and out of town for the holiday. tomas roman is at sfo. >> we have had heavy intermittent rains here at sfo over the past few hours but it wasn't the rain that caused delays. it was the shift in the wind. >> the unsettled weather and scattered showers brought with it a change in wind direction, causing sfo to re direct landi
Dec 8, 2012 6:00pm PST
' windows and woke up several people. the residents of the home didn't want us to use their name but did speak with us. >> the police came really fast? >> they did. they caught them last night. >> must have been scary. >> it was but i have very good neighbors. >> police found five teens inside a car at a nearby college park high school. inside the car police found a second device that was detonated by the bomb squad. two teens were arrested and released to their parents. >>> the notoriety of campus shootings in recent times from columbine to virginia tech has given rise to the late nest safety school supplies. it's a backpack with a bulletproof shield marketed by a company that produces urban survival gear. the backpack includes a solar powered generators and chargers for phones and laptops sells for $300 with the shield. >> just ahead, new details on the endangered whale that washed up on a beach. >> and celebrating the festival of lights. we'll take you live to union square on the first night of hanukkah. a lot of people out there. >>> and after some rain during the week, it's a beauti
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4